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The 4 million ISO video camera from Canon

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The 4 million ISO video camera from Canon “ME20F-SH” can shoot at an ISO of jaw dropping 4000000.! Look at the first pictures of the camera relased by Canon in it’s USA website.


ISO 4 million ME20F-SH video camera

Side view



ME20F-SH video camera of 4 million ISO

Side view with back side recording interfaces



4 million ISO video camera from canon

Front view of the camera with lens mounted

This is a great news for people who would like to shoot video at extreme low light.  Actually the camera can see more light than your eye. It’s been said in canon’s newsletter that the camera can record video at an illumination of less than 0.0005 lux level. 0.0005 lux level is equal to a moonless overcast night.


Quick specifications

Pixels – 2.26 megapixels on a full frame CMOS sensor

Pixel pitch at – 19 Microns

Lens mount – – EF series

Weight & Size – 1.1 Kg without lens and approximate to a 100 mm cube


Practically put up, you can record video even when your eyes can’t see anything, canon website stating that one can record video with a help of crescent moon and they have made a test video with only the help of incense sticks light. Share the video’s link if you come across.!

The camera’s full specifications can be seen here in Canon USA website. Earlier, nightlife in wild been recorded by the help of infra red technology which gives video output in Black & white only. This camera would change it, more nightlife about wild creatures would be revealed with the help of this camera.


To know more about pixel pitch and the respective technical terms click here about my earlier article when canon announced their Canon 5Ds and 5DR with whoping 50.6 megapixels.


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