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Sony Alpha 9: Heads up

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If you have not heard about the upcoming release of one of the top class cameras, this article will give you a heads-up on that. Sony ɑ(Alpha)9 or a9 is expected to start its shipping by June 2017. This has been the major talk inside the digital photography communities. Now why is that?


Sony Alpha 9 is a full frame, mirrorless digital camera. It is also a stealthy as it has a vibration-free silent shutter, so taking shots in the wild or other tenuous scenarios will not be an issue. It also comes with 5-axis image stabilisation.


sony aplha 9



Let’s take a look into the specifications of this product and probably you will start talking about it too.


  1. Sony has given an astonishing 693 Focus points which is 93% of coverage of sensor area. Doing the Math of sensor area vs number of focus points gives a result of 1.222 mm. sq. per focus point. I am so curious to find out how it would appear while looking through the view-finder. In another perspective, will one really need this many focus points? I would really love multiple focus points over the sensor but not this crowded.


  1. Number of effective pixels are 24.3 megapixels, unlike in their earlier model Alpha 99 II, they have pumped 42 megapixels in to the sensor. To know about the optimum pixel count as known as pixel pitch into a sensor, you can go through one of our earlier article here.


  1. The camera has both Electronic shutter and Mechanical shutter. In Electronic shutter, you could do a maximum 1/16000 shutter speed in all camera modes. Maximum 1/32000 is possible only in Shutter priority modes only.


  1. Drive speed – 20 fps using Electronic shutter with a maximum recordable frames of 362 in jpeg format and an impressive 241 frames in RAW format. As you all know, the requirement for a professional video is 24 fps and hear we are talking about 20 fps which I personally feel its too close.


  1. FTP transfer via LAN terminal. This is going to save a lot of your time.


  1. 14 bit Image recording claimed by Sony but we have to wait for the detailed lab reviews. I say this because, there were many SLRs in the past that claimed to be 14 bit but the field test was proven to be just 12 bit.


  1. The Zebra functions for video recording is sure to be loved by the Videographers as it will aid in monitoring exposure values in high-contrast scenes. Video signal level targets can be set from 0 to 109, and specific ranges can be set to make exposure level adjustments easier.


You can definitely find more interesting features associated with this product and I am sure this is not going to be the end. We will surely meet exceptional discoveries and developments in the world of photography. Mankind never fails to aspire.

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