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Lightroom tips for advanced users

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I hope my recent posts about customising View options and Loupe overlay in Lightroom was useful. I guess it is time for me to share some of the short-cuts/tips to work your way quickly in between few of the steps while processing your images.


1. Change the default mask colour

If you apply any Graduated filter or Adjustment brush, the mask will, by default, display in red colour.


Mask colour 3

Default mask in Red colour for the Graduated filter applied area. Two graduated filters has been applied over the photograph but the active filter is the one below.


If you are already working on a red color dominant photograph, this red color mask may not be very comfortable for further processing. Thankfully, Lightroom has made mask available to in other colours too. You may do so by going to Develop module and access Tools menu —-> Adjustments Mask Overlay and select the colour you prefer.


Mask Colour 2

In order to change the mask colour, you have to navigate to Develop module and then the Tools menu as in the Screenshot above.

2. Invert selections in Library module

Suppose you had selected 20 images as a first cut from a folder/collection of 100 images and sent them to your client. For your information, you mark the sent photos as three stars or flag them. Now let us say, you want to select the rest of the images apart from the initial selected images. Here’s how you could do it by following a few simple steps.

  1. Export these 20 images.
  2. Go and click “none” in the filter bar. Now, all the photographs in the folder are made visible but only the 3 star rated photographs are highlighted/selected.
  3. Go to the Edit menu while in Library module and select Invert selection.
  4. There you go. Now you could see all the photographs, except the 3 star rated photographs, are selected.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 12.28.01


3. Choose your favourite aspect ratios alone to be displayed while cycling through the crop overlays in Develop module

Out of all the possible aspect ratios can be displayed over the photograph, you may choose to see only what you would like to see (of course not all the eight options, isn’t it?).

You can customise this by going to Tools Menu —-> Crop guide Overlay —-> Choose Aspect Ratios. This will open up a dialog box like the below screenshot where you can check out the options you would be able to use over the photograph.


Screenshot 2017-04-22 12.37.08


4. You can filter Virtual copies alone or video clips alone in a folder

Imagine you are looking for a Virtual copy of a photograph from a folder named “2016”, then head straight to the filter bar and click the virtual copies option. Now you will see only the virtual copies in that year/folder/collection.


Screenshot 2017-04-22 13.07.01


If you look at the top-right corner (circled in red in the above screen-shot), there are 3 file types (Master Photographs, Virtual copies and Videos) you can filter from. The moment you select virtual copy, only the virtual copies will be shown in the viewer area from the folder/collection you have selected. 

This is just a small list of Lightroom tips for advanced users. If you have any other helpful tips, you can share with us using the comment space.

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