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    A place called Agumbe.

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    We were a bunch of 22 people from CTC, thought of going to a research centre, even though it is a bit of contradicting to usual treks and trips. Where a man does research about King cobras (Ophiophagus hannah). You know Gowrisankar just loves kings. The research centre is located in mid of forest with basic…

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    “R” in Lr.

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    ♦  The moment you Press ‘R’ from whichever the module you may be in Lightroom, you will be taken to develop module with crop tool activated, and the “rule of thirds” overlaid on your image. Check the screenshot Fig – 01 below. Fig – 01 Crop tool activated and Rule of thirds overlaid on your…

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    Inevitable personalities

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    Sally Mann Why I like her, because of one photograph she made, the most erotic I have ever seen. None of the nude photographs can come close to this photograph in sense of erotic feeling it creates in a male human’s mind. The wet cloth, the stickiness of the cloth with the body, a hand…

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    Y Photography.

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    Have you wondered why there is a sudden spurt of cameras and equipments with almost everyone! And there is nothing harm in that, rather it is a good sign at large. Digital revolution is though reason behind it, but there is another side which is lack of creative drainage exists in the society for most….

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        Human eyes do not have f no.   Human eyes can see more light than camera   Human eyes can’t freeze and store pic’s   Human eyes do not see in a regular shape   Human eye’s see in a particular angle, 3 degree at a time.   Colours     You got…

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    My five.

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    a. Print is the ultimate quality checker. b. Carrying a tripod is not an arduous job; make a habit of carrying one. c. Make it as a habit to use the crop tool while processing, it is your second compositional tool. d. Learn to delete images pitilessly. e. Clean your gears by yourself.   PRINT –…

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    Y Processing.

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    As a photographer, it is not uncommon to come across these questions quite often; “Is post processing necessary?” “Why do you shoot in RAW and then convert it?” “Should I shoot in RAW or JPEG?” This blog post is trying to answer these questions about processing. “A photograph is made in the camera, not in…

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    The Visual Story Teller

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    An e book from ODED WAGENSTEIN via Craft & Vision. The book starts with the line “Understanding visual story telling is a craft and not a talent will help you put to use right away all the practical advice and creative exercises in this eBook”.  This line itself made me complete this book in one…

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    Y Lightroom.

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    In a broad perspective,  No layers – This is purely for people who are not good with the layers concept. Non –linear editing – Which means you do any correction at any time, there is no order. Non-destructive – Yes, you do any correction you want, your original file is undisturbed. All the corrections are…

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    Why histogram is inevitable? Before that what is Histogram? “The horizontal axis of the graph represents the tonal variations, while the vertical axis represents the number of pixels in that particular tone. The left side of the horizontal axis represents the black and dark areas, the middle represents medium grey and the right hand side…


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